You’ve asked for it, and here it is!

Now you can enable the slideshow on the header area of this theme! Append as many images as you like; be extravagant with this feature!

All it takes is just a few instructions to get this initialized. . .


Phase 1: Gather Images

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Search for your desired images, then place them in the Resources area of the RapidWeaver Editing Mode.

Phase 2: Append Snippet

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Locate Spearhead Slideshow in the Snippets area.

Apply it onto Inspector > HTML > Header.

Phase 3: Snippet Modification

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Transfer the names of the images in the Resources area over to the Snippet code. Copy & paste each li element to acquire more slideshow space.

Phase 4: Slideshow Options

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Options for the slideshow can be adjusted within Inspector > Styles.


Does it seem too much to absorb? Having inconsistencies during the installation? An idea you would like to have implemented in the future? Relay a message to the email! Let’s figure it out together!
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