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Foundation-Based Theme

Introducing the latest theme from tMM Tekh! Aside from scratch-based programming, Bedrock utilizes primarily on a Foundation-based framework model that most coders recognize & love. Each page plugin has been modified in order to retain the framework’s visual stance, thereby expanding new horizons into today’s projects. Certain areas offer special features that may bring life & hope into future RapidWeaver-type endeavors, and perhaps beyond that. Enjoy the new theme, and happy exploring!

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Joint Venture

The Bedrock theme is built using only the Foundation framework and the ingenuity of tMM Tekh. As a result, the total file size is kept to a minimized level, ensuring faster page loads.

Page Plugins

Each notable plugin has been rebuilt from its original form, in order to preserve the image of the theme. Some pages offer the usual roles, while others have unique developments that push beyond RapidWeaver’s boundaries!
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Joe Workman’s Stacks?

Some of Joe Workman’s Foundation Stacks can be implemented onto this theme, while others are currently awaiting synchronization between both parties. As time progresses, Bedrock will be capable of supporting each Stack in relation to the framework.

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Operating Joe Workman Stacks*

Site Styles
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5 Column
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7-12 Column

SEO Helper
Floating Body
Footer Text
Magellan Marker

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Operating Big White Duck Stacks*

Paragraph Pro
Header Pro
Font Styles
Sticky Grummage

*Subject to expansion


Some Key Areas to Address

Desktop & mobile navigation refitted to meet modern design standards. First-tier, submenu items are converted into menu titles for optimized legibility.

Infinite Scroll Prevention
The Bedrock theme prevents infinite scrolling within each page plugin by determining the amount of content in the page, and condensing it in its own accord.

When content is detected in this area, the sidebar will instantly activate onto the page. Sidebar is in a fixed position, and will follow the user based on scrolling methods.

Lightbox created exclusively for the Photo Album plugin. Users can also adjust the polarity of the light box’s overlay effect.

Multiple Videos
Create more than one video in the iFrame plugin. Separate each video link with a comma to activate.

Enhanced Blog Behavior
Articles are now isolated into different pages, and can be easily navigated by pagination. The Bedrock theme will also recall the last page you visited until the user closes the browser.

Table-type File Storage
Files from the File Sharing plugin are now organized through a table-type field. If the user has an excessive amount of files, the theme will separate each set of fields into pages.

Most theme options are color-based, with only a few switches to alternate the construction of each project.

The “Waterfall” Plugin, provided by NimbleHost, is paramount for today’s theme updates & error corrections, and ensures that the website stays up to date.

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