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Background Manipulator Stack

Introducing the latest Stack in the RapidWeaver market! Apply gradient or parallax backgrounds with only a single-appliance of the Stack onto the page. It is also built to assist nine backgrounds of the Extra Content Stack, courtesy of SeyDesign.

Unsure about the Stack’s potential? Try using it on RapidWeaver’s default themes! “Scrying” has been configured to also handle the backgrounds of all five themes included with every RW6 application. Page examples can be located on the navigation bar.
Stacks Image 588
Stacks Image 590
Stacks Image 592
Stacks Image 598
Stacks Image 600


Gradient Colors: Set the colors of the gradient. Decide up to two palettes for the effect.

Gradient Angle: Set the angular position of the gradient. Range is measured from -179 to 180 degrees.
Image Select: Select image for parallax effect.

Image Start: Start the image at the selected position (Top, Bottom, Center).

Image Speed: Adjust the speed of the parallax effect.

Image Z-Index: Prevent the background from overlapping the content by adjusting the z-index. Range is numeric, and utilizes positive & negative integer values.

Paired Bundles

Purchase this Stack with one of tMM Tekh’s Themes, and save 10% off!