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An in-depth look at the very first stack created for tMM Tekh. Stack can be enabled into a slideshow, a carousel, or a ticker feed.

Table of Contents

Stack Options

Stack Options

General Settings
Auto Settings
Carousel Settings

Slider ControlsSet the colour of the slider controls.
Pager ControlsSet the colour of the pager controls.
Auto ControlsSet the colour of the auto controls.

General Settings
Slide ModeEnable the stack to shift using slide or fade transitions.
Slide SpeedSet the speed of the slide transitions.
Slide MarginsSet the margin gaps for each slide.
Start Slide AtStart the slideshow at any slide. Slides are numeric, with the initial starting at zero.
Activate Infinite LoopEnable infinite loop for the stack.
Activate TickerEnables Ticker Mode.
Ticker HoverPause the ticker-enabled stack on hover.
Activate Adaptive HeightEnable adaptive height for each slide.
Adaptive Height SpeedSet the speed of the slide transition relative to its adaptive height.
Start On Random SlideEnable the stack to start at a a random slide.
Use Internal CSS EngineUtilize the CSS engine for the Stack. If deactivated, the stack will depend on the browser's own jQuery engine. Useful for conflicting stacks.
Activate Slider ControlsEnable Slider Controls
Slider Control TypeSet the icons for the slider controls. Includes Angled (Single, Double), Arrows (Standard, Long, Circle, Circle Outline), Caret (Standard, Square), Chevron (Standard, Circle), and Hand.
Activate PagerEnable pager for the stack.

Auto Settings
Set to AutoEnable auto mode. Opens options necessary for the auto function.
Pause TimeSet the pause time for each slide transitioned.
Delay TimeSet the delay time for the stack to initialize.
Automatically StartEnable the stack to automatically start upon initialization. If unchecked, stack will rely on the controls for auto function.
Pause on HoverPause the stack on hover.
Activate Auto ControlsEnable auto controls.

Carousel Settings
Minimum SlidesSet the minimum number of slides on the page. Slides will be sized down if the stack becomes smaller than the original, desktop size.
Maximum SlidesSet the maximum number of slides on the page. Slides will be sized down if the stack becomes larger than the original, desktop size.
Move SlidesSet the number of slides to shift for each transition.
Slide WidthSet the width of the slides.


prG-M112Slider Control Type option added. Stack UI controls revised. Intermediary code cleanup.
prG-M100Initial launch.

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