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Just Purchased v7!


The recently acquired RapidWeaver 7 offers a few, neat features that are worth the purchase.

Banner Images: Once was considered only possible through snippets, RealMac now has made it where you can add images on the banner simply by clicking anywhere within the input field. Just like the project's titles & slogans, you can also override the banner image for each page created.

Photo Album Slideshow: Through my experiences with RapidWeaver 5 & 6, there was an ongoing issue concerning the Photo Album's slideshow (Monoslideshow) being inoperable. It was not possible to see it in action, even on Preview Mode, due to inconsistencies within the program. I am actually satisfied that RealMac invested their time to get this feature up & running again; more options to get creative!

Health Check: This feature offers suggestions on how to improve the performance of your site project, and addresses the areas needed for improvement. A pretty nifty tool to have, since often times in the past, we tend to overlook things when completing a project. No matter where we are, Health Check will be there to help us out!

*I will post more interesting discoveries the more I immerse myself into version 7. As a developer myself, I highly recommend the upgrade!

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