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Interloper Stack

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Create effective lightboxes capable of storing images, videos, or any media content. Link multiple Interloper stacks to create a lightbox gallery.

Table of Contents

Stack Options

Stack Options

General Settings
Caption Settings

General Settings
Image SelectSelect image to appear in lightbox.
Enter URLEnter URL to display offsite images, videos, and other media.
Lightbox CaptionEnter the caption data.
Link to GalleryLink more than one Interloper stack for a lightbox gallery effect.
Gallery NameEnter the gallery name. Each name counts as a lightbox gallery.
Control ColorSet color for gallery controls.
Convert to iFrameConvert lightbox object into iFrames. Useful for videos.
Polarize OverlaySet overlay on lightbox from light to dark.

Caption Settings
Background ColourSet background color for the lightbox caption.
Text ColourSet color for the lightbox caption text.
Close Button ColourSet color for the lightbox close button.


inP-M142Stack plugin starts after page loads. Overlay polarity revised. Control Color Options revised. Gallery Link Options revised. Mobile touch function revised. Intermediary code cleanup.
inP-M100Initial launch.

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