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Lightbox Stack

Present your content in a simple, yet effective lightbox Stack for the RapidWeaver market! Showcase easily by inserting images, embedded videos, or even iFrame objects! Link up & designate multiple lightboxes to create galleries on the fly!

Check out the examples & options below!

Lightbox Gallery

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Figure 1: Efficiency-game on point.

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Figure 2: That’s a latte work!

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Figure 3: The way is made clear when archived.

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Figure 4: Through brainstorming darkly.

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Figure 5: Memoirs of an engineer.

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Figure 6: The sum of all triumphs.

Lightbox Videos





Lightbox iFrames

Wikipedia iFrame

SWF File

GIF File

PDF File


Image Select: Select an image from your hard drive for the lightbox display.

Enter URL: Enter URL for the lightbox display. URL can be images, embedded videos, iFrames, or even offsite pages.

Lightbox Caption: Enter the caption text for the lightbox effect.
Gallery Name: Link lightbox elements into a gallery by entering any name within the text field. Stacks with this field blank will be unlinked.

Convert to iFrame: Convert lightbox element into an iFrame.

Switch Overlay Polarity: Set overlay to light or dark.
Colors, Caption Background: Set the color of the caption background.

Colors, Caption Text: Set the color of the caption text.

Colors, Caption Controls: Set the color of the caption controls.